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Don Belcher, author of the book, Fifties Frog Journal, began the Fifties Frogs Magazine as a sequel to the book. He published 15 Volumes in both paper cover and Internet. He gave up this project because of limited vision in 2009.  Don C. Marler has edited the magazine since that time. In late 2013 the webmaster, Pam Russell, gave up her valuable assistance in the task of actual publication on the Internet.   ~

Don C. Marler

Don Belcher

  Copyright © 2015  Persons or entities wishing to use the electronic format material in the Fifties Frogs Journal - (formerly Frogman Magazine)  are  free to do so provided full credit is given to the author and the Journal.  The Journal is published quarterly and only electronically. Users are encouraged  to make hard copies and to share the Journal with others. NOTE: A name and email address sent to the email address listed below will get you on a list to  be notified when the Journal is published.    Lee Hughs, Temporary Editor and Webmaster: lee@wyoming.com