Greeting 1950s Frogs,
Especially Class 6 -

Friday 17 April 2015, class 306 will have completed their 54 weeks of SEAL Training and graduating from what is now called SQT.  Yep! some 300 classes since our graduation, some 63 years, + 5 months  ago.

Hopefully the plans that I have started and the information that follows will make it possible for many of us “Old Frogs” and spouses to attend and make this our 2015 annual get together.

Lodging: Crown City Inn, $89-$110 per night,
520 Orange Avenue, Coronado, CA
POC:  Melissa Miller 619.435.3115
NOTE: Some on-site parking is available
gathering room is provided and the banquet will be held at their Bistro
plus a heated pool

Naval Special Warfare is in support of this endeavor and plans for a tour, of the facilities on the Thursday prior to Friday’s graduation, are in the works.
Schedule of Events Pending Receipt

Checkout would be Saturday or Sunday morning. Please call me if you require additional “Intel”.

Harold Dunnigan