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Class 6 Reunion  w/Class 306 SEAL SQT  Graduation
USNAB, Coronado, CA  May 2015


Highlight:   50’s Frogs Reunion and Class 306 SQT graduation combined with Class 6 Reunion.

A little more than one year ago Class 306 “Formed Up”, 144 screened and selected candidates who and had been provided several weeks of training on running, swimming, and upgraded physical fitness skills met in a classroom at the Naval Special Warfare Training center to begin SEAL Training.

One year later, 15 April 2015 of the 34 graduates only 17 remained of this initial group of 144, the other 17 were “Roll Backs” from previous classes. So, is the training as difficult and tough as in previous training classes, I let you be the judge, ...54 weeks, lots of runs, swims, “O Courses”, closed circuit night compass swims, free fall training, demo and weapons training and of course the tender loving care of Instructors, you know the drill.

In the audience on that morning of the graduation of SQT (SEAL Qualification Training) Class 306, 15 April 2015, along with happy and congratulatory parents, wives, relatives and friends were a group of “Old Guys.” A small group called the ‘50s Frogs, anyone who had gone through training during 50’s and the remnants of Class 6 who had completed their training over 60 years before.  They were there to hold their annual reunion and revisit the site where they were tested and found up the challenge of calling themselves “Frogmen.”

Thanks to the support of Naval Special Warfare Training Center CO, Captain Keith Davids, PO Officer, Lt. Teresa Gargan and retired Master Chief Lu Lastra, Class Mentor, The “50’s Frogs” return to the sand and surf of Coronado was memorable to say the least. We 50’s initially mustered in a classroom at the center and were welcomed by the Center Capt. Keith Davids, assisted by Lt. T. Gargan, watched and indoctrination film and given a comprehensive briefing by the Class Proctor/Mentor Master Chief (Retired) Lu Lastra, he most ably fielded and all questions that fell within the code.

After the briefing we had a tour of the “Area,” an eye opener for many, with their wives, who had not been in the “Area” for some 50 plus years, oh yeah there were many “Do you Remember (s), which most of couldn’t...the water, oh yeah, that common denominator was still very vivid.  What caught the attention of the 50’s was the sophisticate on site medical/rehab and physical fitness facilities, with the highly trained medical staff that supervises and implements their use.

The very next activity, for the 50’s and Class 6 Frogs, (no one but Frogs and SEALS attending), was a visit to the Rosecrans Memorial Cemetery where the new members of the Brotherhood honored those Teammates who had given their last full measure in defending our country.  Each new SEAL had been presented with his own new K-Bar upon which has been engraved the name of one of our Teammates who had paid the price in combat, teammates from World War II, to the present conflicts.  Each new Teammate stands before a memorial and states the following as he slides the blade out of its scabbard, “I Honor,” the newly minted SEAL then reads off the name on the blade.

All of the above happened on the Thursday prior to Friday’s graduation exercise, so we enjoyed the reliving the mornings adventures, telling tales of the past, some true, ... you know the drill and for some it was nap time.

The next day we 50’s found seats with the numerous family members and friends, military dignitaries, the Instructors who had made it a point that only those deemed worthy were there that day and the next starting class.  Then in troops those newly minted SEALS to have their Tridents pinned to their uniforms, as you might guess, there was much cheering and congratulations, deservedly so. These new SEALS now became FNG’s.

The reception followed with food and beverage and much well wishing. We 50’s Frogs adjourned back to the Crown City Inn in anticipation of the evening’s banquet, a robust affair it was. This effort, food, wine, table displays were the results of Marie Calentine and Holly Dunnigan, with approximately 40 plus teammates and their mates in attendance. Our guest speaker for the evening was retired Navy Rear Admiral Garry Bonelli.  The Admiral talked about the present allocation of NSW resources and what the future bodes for the NSW community,  he then fielded questions from those in attendance, he was very well versed and provided those insights that our community is thriving.

Staying at the Crown City Inn was truly a stroke of good luck.  It is located a very short distance from the base, berthing accommodations are very reasonable and the restaurant provided a great menu and at very sensible price, eat, drink and be merry and then “walk” to your room.  HD


Harold Dunnigan
Reunion Host

                                                                                                                                                                        Reunion Host
                                                                            Harold Dunnigan
                                                                               Reunion Host

Marie Calentine

Holly Dunnigan