Compliments of Don Marler

There is a long history of jokes based on cultural practices, language, etc. ; including groups such as the Irish, Italians, students in certain colleges such as agricultural colleges.

The southern Louisiana French are currently in the limelight especially in Louisiana and nearby areas. They are fun-loving people who have, more than perhaps any other group, turned their heritage to their advantage.  They are known for their love of fishing, duck hunting, alligator hunting, music and good highly spiced food. Many of them are tolerate of the jokes and stories about their way of life and use it to promote their culture.

The Fifties Frogs had a pair of Cajuns who were loyal to each other and good loyal friends to their teammates. Otey Dear and John Hebert (Mutt and Jeff) are both deceased. In English Hebert is “Abear” The first story below is dedicated to them.

                                                                           “KEEP THE DUCK”

Otey and John each had adjoining camps on the bayou. A duck flew over Otey’s yard and he shot him. The duck landed in John’s yard. When Otey went to get him John objected saying it was his duck because it was in his yard. Otey countered that it was his duck because it flew over his yard and was shot there. They got into a heated argument and finally Otey said he had a solution. They would kick each other in the nuts until one gave up, the one who gave up first lost the duck. John agreed saying it sounded like a good solution.  Otey kicked John where it hurt. John rolled around on the ground groaning until he felt like getting up to kick Otey. At that point Otey said “Aw, keep the dammed duck”.

                                                              “GUESS WHO FELL IN THE LAKE”

Boudreau, Tibodeau  and Dugas were out in their pirogue (Canoe) to shoot duck. Dugas fell in the lake and drowned.

Boudreau said since he didn’t know Dugas’ wife Tibodeau would have to tell her what happened. Tibodeau said y-yo-you k-ko-know h-ho- ba.bad I st-stu-stuter. Boudreau said yes but you are like Mel Tillis, when you sing you don’t stutter.  Tibodeau said w-well I’ll tr-try.

When Mrs. Dugas answered the door Poor ole” Tibodeau sang. “Guess who fell in the lake today—Dugas, Dugas.”

“The Gator”

Broussard had a tame alligator and liked to take him to the fall fair. At the last fair he put the gator on a table and  hit him on the head, whereupon the gator opened his mouth. Broussard stuck his penis in the gator’s mouth. And hit him on the head. The gator closed his mouth gently. Broussard hit him on the head again and the gator opened his mouth.

Broussard looked the crowd over and asked does anyone want to try that?  A Gay Cajun in the back row said “I would like to try it just don’t hit me on the head.

“One in a Bunch”Two Cajun duck hunters were describing their day on the lake.

One said “dem duck come in 1 in a bunch, 1 in a bunch and later 2 come in by theirself.”

“Duck Dog”

Boudreau took a local official duck hunting, When the official killed a duck Boudreau sent his dog out to retrieve the duck. The dog went tripping over the water picked up the duck and ran back to the pirogue.

Boudreau’s guest was amazed. He told Boudreau he had never seen anything like that. Boudreau say “I am so embarrass- that dammed dog never learned to swim.

“Sick Mule”

Broussard’s mule that he uses to plough and sometime ride was “Sick to die” He went to town to see if he could get treatment for him. He was told that Boudreau’s mule had the same problem. He went to see Boudreau who tole him that he gave his mule a quart of turpentine.  Later he returned and tole Boudeau that he gave his mule, that he ploughs and sometimes rides, a quart of turpentine and it killed him deader than hell. Boudreau say you know it did mine too.


Boudreau loaned his bird dog “Sarge” to a friend. The dog was known for his good hunting skills and love of hunting. When the friend returned Sarge he told Boudreau the dog would not hunt at all. Weeks went by and Sarge would do nothing. When Boudreau saw his friend again he asked him what he did that caused Sarge to not hunt. The friend said Sarge!!! I thought his name was Colonel. Boudreau said no wonder he just wants to sit on his ass.