As those who follow this magazine know we have had a one-year hiatus after 19 years of coverage. There was no coverage in 2014.  Please note that the title has changed. The popular image in of a magazine is that it is a news outlet. While we do publish some news we believe a more appropriate title for what our publication represents is journal. Our primary purpose is to preserve historical accounts and events; therefore, we have retitled the magazine; it is now US Navy Frogman Journal—short title Frogman Journal. Special note: Frogman not Frogmen.

Thanks to all who have contributed comments and material for publication. The greatest thanks go to Pam Russell who has served as administrative host working behind the scenes to do the mechanics of web publishing, and Kerry King who provided early assistance to Don Belcher and Pam and has for years provided web space for the publication. Pam has done a magnificent job of maintaining the website and fielding many questions for readers. It is with much regret that we announce her retirement from these duties. Our gratitude to both Pam and Kerry is everlasting.

Fortunately, Lee  Hughs a/k/a “Punchy” has agreed to take on the duties of site administrator. The new address for the journal is:  Please put this address in your favorites.  NOTE:  The site is under continual construction; however, all information is current and to be published quarterly as it was previously - suggestions are appreciated.

Send materials for publication to me, Don C. Marler, at or by mail to me at 4209 Aspen Ct. Pineville, La. 71360.

When we complete publication of the history of the UDT Teams we plan to start on Operation Crossroads. We have had several questions about the Crossroads Operation, so coverage of that is on the agenda courtesy of Commander Boynton.

Electronic data is sometimes easily lost so we encourage you to make hard copies of the magazine and give a copy to your local library or any other appropriate organization.

An exciting program for the 2015 meeting is planned in Coronado, California.

Don C. Marler