#1. Tim McCoy is writing a book about some of the old service men who have not received much attention. He is looking for any information available on our own Tiz Morrison. Please communicate with Tim if you can assist. He says there is very little available so anything will be welcomed.

Tim’s contact information is:, or 817 443 7430. His mailing address is 4024 Steepieridge Dr., The Colony, Texas 75056

#2  From Haydn.

I am attempting to write a book on the history of UDT/SEAL underwater craft (SPUs, SDVs). The info is fragmented and I will attempt to put it in context of unit

and times. I am hoping that your members will be interested in contributing to the research.   

My current list of UDT relevant 'SDVs' is below, hopefully it can help jog some memories.

1. TOY-1, an OSS one man type from WW2

2. TOY-2, much improved on above

3. Davy's Locker, a submersible arms cache raft for OSS

4. 'Sleeping Beauty' MSC, a British one-man SDV used by OSS in the war and inherited by UDT

5. GIMIK, OSS submersible boat

6. Aerojet Mk.I, Mk.III.Mk.IV, Early 1950s pedal powered submersibles. Tested by UDT

7. X-Craft. British midget submarine demo'ed to UDT, led        to USS X-1.

8. USS X-1, USN X-craft. Originally intended for UDT.

9. Aerojet Mk.VI minisub, two man pedal/electric SDV   tested more thoroughly. Crew in tandem. c1956

10. Aerojet Mk.VII minisub, two man pedal/electric but    side-by-side. c1956.

11. SeaSled. Probably towed sled (sources confusing)

12. SeaBat. Per above

13. SKIFF, CIA submersible, UDT helped test. Based on GIMIK.

14. Aerojet SPU Mk.I, one man tug, more widely remembered.

15. SPU Mk.II, another Aerojet type, divers sat side by side. Quite big and looked like a truck. Swam like a truck too. Possibly also called SeaBat (more likely a confused source)

16. Seahorse-II, first of Italian Cos.Mo.S types. Two men in tandem, fiberglass. Open cockpits mostly, some had canopies. Several iterations.

17. TRASS-III, four man development of Seahorse-II.

18. DRUT, two men in tandem on or in an aircraft drop tank. Made by UDT.

19. Loral (Rebikoff) T14 Pegasus, one man scooter

20. Rebikoff (loral) PR77 Phaeton, two man craft, side by side, very streamlined.

21. SDV Mk.VI, based on PR77, first type called an 'SDV' instead of 'SPU' (?). Am unsure exactly which craft constitute SDV 1 to 5.

22. SDV Mk.VII, originally known as Convair model-14, a

four man craft. Generally thought of as first 'proper' SDV. Late 1960s.

23. Swimmer Sled, two man human torpedo, commercial design tested by UDT late 1960s

24. SDV Mk. VIII, main six-man SDV known today

25. SDV Mk.IX, two man attack craft, 1970s.

Kind regards,

Haydn Iuchi-Sutton

Currently residing in the UK